Mima & Katastrofik


With the script and cartoons by illustrator Max (2007 Spain Comic Award), Mima & Katastrôfik “Snowy and Coaly” follows the path of Malasombra “the shadows thief”, the previous family dance theatre performance by auMents inspired in cartoons and shadows.

A white character that represents order, monotony and tidiness and a black character that represents disorder and adventure. How they relate to each other, they become attracted and repelled. They enter inside the chimney of the house that becomes a cave full of video game monsters and from mutual collaboration they arrive to discover together a new colorful world.

Directing and choreography:   Tomeu Gomila, Marc de Pablo

Dancers:   Laura Lliteres, Marc de Pablo

Script and cartoons:   Max

Animation:   Antonio Lara

Lighting design:   Manu Martínez

Music:    José Miguel Puigserver & Orquídea

Stage design: Sihaya Buisan, Tomeu Gomila