“Artistic freedom and a desire to experiment are the principles behind Auments.  In 1997 I launched this dance company project to give my ideas free rein and blur the boundaries between different forms of performance, and so create something entirely new.

I am researching on different stage languages. All the techniques that I learned during my life, acting, circus and dance they mix up in the form of dance-theater. From my first collaboration with the choreographer Andrea Cruz emerged my first experimentation work Quan ses bistis volaven and a big list of performances.

Actually, I’m interested in bringing the cartoon world into the stage with the collaboration of the illustrator Max. My recent works Malasombra and Mima & Katastrôfik are designed to approach dance to family audiences. In Mima & Katastrofik I started to work with the choreographer Marc de Pablo.” Tomeu Gomila, artistic director

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