“Artistic freedom and a desire to experiment are the principles behind AuMents. In 1996 Andrea Cruz and me launched this dance company to give our ideas free rein and blur the boundaries between different forms of performance, and so create something entirely new. The result was a visual and poetic body language style that involves you through the senses and not by rational understanding.
I am researching on different stage languages. All the techniques that I learned during my life, acting, circus and dance they mix up in the form of dance-theater. Now I’m interested in bringing the cartoon world into the stage with the collaboration of the illustrator Max. My recent works Malasombra (the last work with Andrea Cruz) and Mima & Katastrôfik are designed to approach dance to family audiences. In Mima & Katastrofik I started to work with the choreographer Marc de Pablo.” Tomeu Gomila, artistic director

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