DANCE EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP 25-28 August 2020. Es clot den Font. Lloret de Vistalegre. Isle of Mallorca

Dance Experience 25-28 August

Four days for experiencing intuitive dance while receiving sound vibration, inspired by a combination of different dance methods such as Body Weather and Butoh. The aim of this workshop is to integrate the sense of hearing on how intuitive it affects the way we create to build an expression, how we can break the structure of rhythms to lead to a movement to release body tension using the space vertically and horizontally.
The workshop focuses on stillness, conscious movement, sound, space, and a series of specific stretching and relaxation exercises concerned with breathing and alignment.



Next performances 23, 24, 25 April 2021. Theatre Xesc Forteza. Palma. MALLORCA

Video Interview with Max and Tomeu Gomila

Open call for school sessions within the week 19-23 April 2021 in the same venue Theatre Xesc Forteza. Palma. Mallorca